Race Slide

Designed for 4 sliders to race simultaneously!

Switchback Slide

Slide info coming soon!

Family Slide

This slide is made to be exciting, yet fun, for multiple sliders at a time.

Bowl Slide

The Bowl Slide ranges in size from a 25’ entrance down to a 16’ entrance.

Scoop Slide

Similar to a half pipe you’d find in a skate park or ski slope, the Scoop takes the rider on an exciting path of travel!

Launch Slide

Exhilarating speed combined with airtime make the Launch incredibly unique.

Berm Slide

Similar to a berm you’d find on a luge track, this slide takes the slider on a journey of speed combined with banking on the curves for an exciting experience!

Soft Play

A fun and engaging, multi-level playground exclusively for ages 0 – 7. Offering many different obstacles & soft elements, your child is guaranteed to burn off energy!

Hybrid Slide

Like the Launch slide but even greater airtime!

Long Jump

Inspired by the long jump in skiing, our long jump slide initiates the speed in the downward slope then launches the rider at the mid point, where they land on an airtrack on the second down slope.

Rope Swing

The slider is initially secured into our safety harness which is attached to the rope which is controlled by a pulley system similar to what one uses in rock climbing. The slider proceeds down a very short slide to gain speed then continues their journey airborne on the rope swing. They’re then slowly lowered down onto the land bag beneath.

Sport Air Courts

Multi sport, air court! Filled with air, this court allows guests to jump & dunk like never before! Grab your friends & let’s play!

Freestyle Air Court

Multi use, air court! From parkour tricks to awesome flips, our freestyle air court is awesome for guests of all ages!


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Visit: 14500 W Colfax Drive Suite 610, Lakewood, CO 80401